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Crystal Nerpa Festival Supports Sportsmen in Sochi 

The annual ice-sculpturing event Crystal Nerpa Festival is being held for the fifth time this year. It starts on February 4, 2012 at Listvyanka settlement on Lake Baikal ice surface. The Crystal Nerpa Festival is the qualification stage for the World Ice Art куплю дом
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продажа квартир
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керамическая плитка Championship by Ice Alaska at Fairbanks. The winners of our local contest will participate in this prestigious tournament in the USA. The subject matter of Crystal Nerpa contest is “Dreams of Lake Baikal”.

At about the same time the selection stage for Russian sportsmen participating in the Downhill Skiing World Cup is being held in Sochi near Russia’s Black Sea resort. For this reason Crystal Nerpa’s organizational committee and the participants of the festival decided to give their support to Russian skiers. The main theme of the first day opening contest of the festival was chosen to be “Sochi – the dream that did come true”. Ice sculptures will devote their ice masterpieces to sportsmen at Sochi.

The ice sculpturing competition is held on the ice surface right in front of Mayak hotel in Listvyanka. This is the place where annual ice amusement park had been built for already many winters in a row. Visitors can attend ice-skating track, have fun on ice slides and drink a cup of herbal tea in the ice-café.

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