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We are the travel company based in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia which is the closest major city to the world famous Lake Baikal. Though, we have celebrated our 15-year anniversary we are the young and enthusiastic team of reliable travel professionals. We are happy to offer you excursion and cultural tours to almost any destination at Lake Baikal. Our fully-guided tour itineraries allow you to explore the most visited tourist locations on the diverse sightseeing program and to enjoy splendid Baikal nature in many pristine spots of the lake untouched by human civilization.

For our guests we provide accurate comprehensive information about the tour services available in the area. We reserve the variety of hotels, lodges, guesthouses, campings in Irkutsk and all around Lake Baikal. We organize reliable and safe water, air and ground transfers to bring you to different parts of the lake with comfort and pleasure. We are always ready to suggest the most convenient international or domestic flights or train for you to travel to the lake.

Besides being the tour operator in our local area, we work as the travel agency offering a range of tours to all important cities and destinations on the Trans-Siberian Railway. We can advise you cultural and sightseeing itineraries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Ulan-Bator (Mongolia), Beijing (China) and reserve your Trans-Siberian train tickets. At all these destinations our tours include overwhelming program with excursions led by highly-qualified local guides, private transport for transfers and sightseeing as well as overnights in hotels specialized in hosting western guests.

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Visit Irkutsk and Lake Baikal!

Lake Baikal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia and undoubtedly the most visited tourist center in Siberia. It is the oldest, the deepest and the largest by volume fresh water lake in the world. These superlatives together with the lake unique eco-system and splendid natural beauty attract travelers from all around the globe.

The lake at its most south-western extremely is rimmed by the famous Trans-Siberian Railway track. Each year thousands to tourists head towards Russia to experience the world-renowned railway that passes through the whole continent. Most of them make a few stops to rest in a hotel and do sightseeing. Baikal is the excellent place for such a stopover as it is located perfectly half way along the Trans-Siberian.

We are proud to show guests our home city of Irkutsk with its 350-year history and the unique wooden architecture. Our tours lead to Listvyanka Settlement where the crystal-clear waters of the Angara River start the way through the dense Siberian taiga forests. Steam-powered tourist train brings passengers to the disused Circum-Baikal Railway track running on the rocky shoreline through the tunnels cut in the steep cliffs that plunge down to the deep turquoise abyss. The lake's largest island Olkhon - the sacral center of Shamanist believers- offers the rare opportunity for leisure and water fun at the warm sand beaches of the lake. Boat and yacht cruises leave long-lasting vivid memories of the magnificent secluded shores, pristine bays and rocky coves found in totally uninhabited areas of the northern and central portions of Baikal.

After excursion and recreational program at Lake Baikal, a regular Trans-Siberian train can bring you from Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude famous for being the center of Buddhist religion in Russia and a home for the Old Believers - Orthodox Russians exiled to Siberia in the XVII century. This part of the Trans-Siberian Railway track runs on the shoreline of Lake Baikal only in a few meters from the water edge. While on the train, passengers take a break from sightseeing and relax for a day staring out of the train cabin window at the lake mirror-like surface. The railway proceeds further eastwards to Vladivostok along the classic Trans-Siberian route or to Ulan-Bator and Beijing along the Trans-Mongolian line.

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