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Barguzinsky Gulf 

The Gulf of Barguzin is known for being the largest and the most picturesque bay of Lake Baikal. It covers the area of about 700 sq km, going deep into the mainland for almost 30 kms. The distance between the southern end of Svyatoy Nos (Sacred Nose) cape and the north of Krestovy cape, that are the two bodies of land surrounding the gulf, is 20 kms with the average water depth of 1 km. Just in the middle of the inlet the Barguzin River flows into Lake Baikal. It is one of the major tributaries replenishing the lake alongside with the Selenga and the Upper Angara rivers. The depth of water at the very mouth of the river, though, is hardly exceeds one meter. Ust-Barguzin settlement is located not far from the river mouth.

The landscape of the gulf is quite rocky at north while the eastern coastline offers tourists low-sloped pebble beaches with shallow little lakes, scrubs and meadow grass. As moving further south one will discover sand dunes with rare pine trees. This is not a coincidence that Maksimikha Bay, the largest southern bay of Barguzinsky Gulf, is provides a favorable landscape for summer leisure. Wonderful beach and comparatively warm water make people come here again and again. There is куплю дом
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керамическая плитка also a camp site named after the bay which is located nearby. Due to its remoteness, Barguzinsky Gulf to the most part has remained its untouched primordial state. Visitors can enjoy wild life and pristine nature of the place and in return are expected to treat nature respectfully so that this part of Baikal is keep clean and safe in the future.

You can reach Barguzinsky Gulf from Irkutsk taking a weekly scheduled ferry line Irkutsk-Ust’-Barguzin-Irkutsk. Total travel time is 11-12 hours. Tourists traveling from Ulan-Ude can take public buses or minibuses that depart two times a day from the local bus station. Travel time is 5-6 hours. We’d be happy to organize private car and minibus transfers from Ulan-Ude as well as accommodation in homestays and cottages at Ust-Barguzin settlement.

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